Oasis Bed Bath Wipes - RSC912

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Each Oasis Bed Bath cloth contains a careful combination of skin cleansing agents and moisturisers.  The combination of the cleansing agents and the cloth itself clean the skin by removing any sweat, dirt, grease, urine or faeces from the skin.  The added moisturisers keep the skin feeling soft and prevents it from drying out so that it can perform is protective 'barrier' function.
The Oasis Bed Bath System uses a fresh cloth for each separate part of the body so there is no possibility of washing with 'dirty water' or using a single wash cloth/flannel to clean all parts of the body.
A bed bath with the Oasis Bed Bath System takes up to half the time and is significantly easier for carers than a traditional soap and water bed bath.  This makes the bed bath experience much less of an ordeal for the individual and reduces any discomfort or distress they may experience when being moved/positioned for cleaning.
Quickly warmed in the microwave for 45 seconds, the cloths will stay warm unopened for up to 15 minutes (or even longer if kept warm under a towel or pillow).


• Dermatologically approved

• Alcohol free

• Non drying to the skin


Product Type: Wipes
Brand (Incontinence): Oasis
Gender: Unisex