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Millercare supplies a wide and varied range of joint and muscle supports that not only ensure you can move around with ease but also provide pain relief too.

From wrist, ankle and back supports, to products that provide ease carrying out daily activities and equipment to increase your daily exercise, below you’ll find everything to help keep you and your body healthy, supported and comfortable.

These items are professional, high quality and extremely affordable, with a wide variety of price points to ensure there is something for everyone. Click on the item to find out more information and see if it is something that can help bring ease to your lifestyle. 

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Being able to move freely and comfortable is key for everyone no matter what your age, and as figures reveal that arthritis affects more than 10 million people in the UK it’s important that we have the right joint and muscle supports to help move with ease and comfort.

Arthritis is the biggest cause of pain and disability in the UK, and sufferers experience debilitating symptoms like chronic joint pain, inflammation, stiffness, reduced mobility, joint function and chronic fatigue.

Buying just one of these support items that Millercare offers could offer some pain relief to your lifestyle.

The range of knee, wrist, and ankle supports all help to insulate and protect the joint, accelerating the healing process after injuries or surgery. They’re especially useful for the elderly or disabled users with weak joint. They’re effective, great value for money orthopaedic aids which can be extremely beneficial to joint health.

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is also key for healthy joints, and regular moderate exercise is best. Low impact is better than high impact exercise for your joints, so things like walking, swimming, cycling and rowing are best. Yoga and pilates can also be very helpful.

Products we offer, like the Overhead Pulley, Pedal Exerciser, and Happy Legs, all help ensure that you can keep a healthy and active lifestyle from the comfort of your own home.

The Over Door Pulleys to help improve range of motion and coordination, whilst the Pedal Exercisers are great to ensure you hit your recommended 10,000 every day.

Happy Legs is an innovative product that’s endorsed by cardiologists and vascular surgeons that help to create blood circulation for people with limited mobility.

Give your hips, spine and lower back the correct support it needs with the Harley Support Belts on offer through Millercare. They provide gentle and flexible support and protection, whilst stabilising the hips, pelvis, and spine. Their slimline design and flexibility ensures you can carry out everyday tasks whilst providing gentle support where you need it.

Another standout product we offer is the TheraPearl Hot & Cold Packs, designed to offer two different types of relief from your aches and pains, depending on what the doctor recommends. Microwave the pack for the pearls conform and deliver soothing heat therapy to the desired body part. Or freeze them and allow the pearls to create a ‘frozen peas’ effect, offering ice therapy without sacrificing flexibility.

The joint and muscle supports on offer from Millercare are designed to alleviate pain relief and offer you the ability to move with ease. Shop the affordable and quality products now.