Shower & Bath Aids

Here at Millercare, we stock a large range of Bathing equipment. From bath lifters, bath chairs, bath boards and bath seats to shower stools, shower chairs, shower seats, bath steps & bath mats.

We also stock a very extensive range of bathing accessories and grab rails.

Our Shower Stools & Seats are great if you need to sit down whilst bathing, and offer great support and comfort for your needs. If you need to sit down whilst bathing, but also need to be lowered into the bathtub, our bath lifts are the perfect item for you. Ranging in prices, our bath lifts here at Millercare easily lift you in and out of the tub. You can view the full range of lifts below. 

If you need a grab rail to support and steady yourself in the bathroom, our range comes in a number of styles, colours, all with different specifications to suit your specific needs. 

Should the need arise that you require a bath or shower, and unfortunately have a plaster cast - Millercare also have an excellent range of Cast and bandage protectors ranging in length, styles, and requirement. For more information on Cast protectors, click through below to be taken to our full range. 

Toileting aids - commodes, raised toilet seats and more

At Millercare, we offer a wide range of toileting and personal care equipment - which provide dignity and independence for our clients and their carers.

Our products below include commodes, raised toilet seats & frames, urinals, and personal care products. 

Our commodes come in a variety of styles, forms and sizes. We also stock mobile commodes, which can be transported, and moved to different areas of the house to suit the customers' needs. 

Our raised toilet seats & frames are great for aiding those who struggle sitting and rising from the toilet. The raised material is also extremely comfortable and leaves the user able to sit on the toilet by themselves. These seats are also helped via the use of our hand bars, which you can also find on the site. 

The Urinals we sell on our site comes in a range of styles and shapes. We also stock both male and female urinals, which can be found by clicking through below. 

For more information on personal care products on the site, such as flushable wipes and latex gloves, visit our section below and browse our full range. Clicking on specific products allows you to view more information on them.