iD is one of the flagship brands of the Ontex Group, a leading healthcare manufacturer with a special focus on innovation, technology and research programmes. Established in 1979, Ontex is present in over 110 countries offering hygiene product solutions for women, men & babies.

  • Advanced absorbing technologies are the basis of every protection solution.
  • Shapes that adapt to the body and super thin materials are a must in their products.
  • Maximum kindness for skin thanks to breathable and cotton-like materials.
  • All products are dermatologically tested and latex-free for maximum comfort.
Bladder weakness is experienced by lots of women throughout their life and women are far more likely to have some form of incontinence compared to men. While this may be embarrassing or frustrating, ID have a wide range of products available to you to help. From pads to pants through to adult nappies, whatever your desire there will be a product for your needs. Discreet pads and pants can be a blessing to offer a bit of support when you need it most. For women who have just given birth, it can take some time to recover the strength in the pelvic floor muscles, and during this time, a comfortable and discreet fitted incontinence pants can be useful.

Helping you get on with life!

With a range of choices, it can be difficult choosing which one is right for you. 

Discreet insert pads can be worn in your normal underwear or with net pants and are a perfect solution to light to medium incontinence. The option of a PE strip allows for added security to allow you to get on with your life.

Pull up pants are highly absorbent and provide maximum performance. Made from a breathable material and an added soft waist band makes them comfortable day and night.

All in ones or adult nappies are recommended for people with limited mobility as a carer can change these even when lying down. With a high level of absorption you can stay fresh.

ID offer a great selection of products to help deal with all levels of male incontinence problems with discretion and ease. There are lots of different incontinence products for men which can help with a range of continence issues: from light bladder weakness through to urinary incontinence, ID have the right products for your needs. From pads and inserts to pull up pants, they all come with different absorbency levels to assist with moderate to heavy incontinence. Also available in a range of sizes, iD are helping you be comfortable through the day and night.