Incontinence Aids

Millercare's adult incontinence products are specially designed styles of underwear that provide an extra layer that will soak up any bodily fluids such as urine. The incontinence products are all made from absorbent materials that keep the skin dry and maintain general hygiene. Case deal discounts are available on selected lines of our disposable incontinence pads. We stock leading brands such as Tena, iD expert and lille healthcare. 

We have disposable incontinence products available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These pads are fitted with an elastic waistband and feature anti-leak cuffs around the sides of the legs. They are also subtle and discreet for the wearer. We also offer washable pants for men and women. These are larger styled briefs that can be purchased in a range of styles from small to extra large. They absorb any incontinence effectively and are simple to clean for re-use.

Some of our other products include the Bed And Seat collection which provides protective surfaces for the furniture you use every single day - couches, mattresses, pillows and more. These are able to absorb up to 3 litres of fluid and can easily be washed. We also have disposable gloves for cleaning any incontinence products.