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Large/Class 3 Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are a stylish, practical and secure way for people suffering from mobility trouble to regain their independence. Here is our range of class 3 mobility scooters which you can use on roads and paths alike:

What are class 3 mobility scooters?

Mobility scooters are minauture motorised vehicles commonly used by people who have limited mobility. They are also sometimes known as power-operated scooters or electric scooters. If you are unable to walk, or doing so can be painful or unsafe, class 3 mobility scooters can be ridden as an alternative.

The scooters, which are battery powered, can be operated by sitting on the chair behind the handlebars. From there, users can move the vehicle forwards, backwards or apply the brakes by using these handlebars. Steering can also be performed by twisting the handlebars in the appropriate direction.

The benefit of using a class 3 mobility scooter is that you are no longer house-bound or stripped of your independence by mobility trouble. With these scooters you can easily go about your daily routine - for instance, going to the shops - both safely and easily. Furthermore, they are more stylish than your other mobility products as they are coloured and completed with a contemporary design.

What makes class 3 mobility scooters different from the rest?

Class 2 scooters are limited to a 4 mph speed limit. They must only be used on paths and pavements as well, never on the roads. However, class 3 scooters can generally reach 6 to 8 mph and they may be used on roads.

As class 3 mobility scooters can be used on the road, they must be registered with the local DVLA office. From October 1st 2014 you will not receive a tangible tax disc to display on the mobility scooter must be registered nevertheless. Visual checks will still be able to tell what scooters have not been properly registered.

There are several factors that people considering a class 3 mobility scooter must remember. For instance, they cannot be used by anyone under the age of 14. They must also have fully working reflectors, brakes, and front and rear lights. Furthermore, like all road vehicles they must not be used on motorways, cycle lanes or bus lanes.

Why purchase your new mobility scooter from Millercare?

Millercare is one of the United Kingdom's leading providers of healthcare and mobility products. We have been in the business for over fifty years and our decades worth of experience allows us to provide a top standard, diverse range of products perfect for our customers. We have showrooms around North of England including areas such as Warrington, Manchester, Bolton, Blackpool and others. However, we also have our products available on the Millercare website where deliveries on orders over £30 are free of charge.

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