Fully adjustable hospital beds and accessories

A conventional bed may not always be the most comfortable or practical item for those in need of health care. Purchasing a purpose built hospital bed for your home may be a far better solution. Our adjustable and reclining beds are designed specifically to help the user be more comfortable over long periods of time, and they ensure those looking after him or her are able to do so with far greater ease.

Millercare, therefore, has a range of hospital beds for sale that can be used in the home. A hospital bed (also known as a lift bed) may be needed if you or a family member is ill or is recovering from an illness at home. Our beds come in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing you to get the perfect hospital bed for your needs. Bed positions can be changed with ease by pushing a button - you do not need to call for help to do this. You can also raise or lower the head, knees or foot of the bed, and the beds have fully adjustable side rails too.

We also offer a wide range of bedroom aids that may also come in handy such as side rails, back rests and over-bed tables.

Why might I require a hospital bed for home use?

High quality memory foam mattress

Traditional beds are made for sleeping in for several hours. However, for many people living with temporarily and permanently limited mobility, the bed is where you may spend the majority of your day. Traditional beds are unequipped for this. They do not allow for the mobility assistance that may be required, they do not allow you to comfortably sit up when you are not asleep, and they are not especially useful for carers who may need easy access to the bed's user.

Hospital beds for home use, which can be purchased via the Millercare website, help to alleviate some of these grievances. These adjustable beds are still as comfortable and relaxing as ordinary ones. They can, furthermore, be fitted with a variety of accessories such as height modifiable bed rails, companion tray tables and much more.

What accessories can be included?

Woman in an adjustable bed

As well as the hospital beds for sale on our website, we also offer a selection of mattresses and cushions to complement them, designed to enhance the comfort of the reclining bed for when you are using it. This includes mattresses that have been made specifically for patient usage and memory foam cushions built to perfectly support the unique bodies of each individual user.

Why buy hospital beds from Millercare?

Millercare has been providing comfort and assistance to people in the United Kingdom for over 60 years. We have showrooms around the North West of England including locations in counties such as Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Cumbria and Merseyside. However, you can also use our Millercare Direct website to browse our diverse catalogue of household, healthcare and mobility items. Orders under £30 will have the standard delivery charge of £4.95 but orders over £30 will be free. We also have a comprehensive service back up with our own in-house team of service technicians, all of whom are manufacturer trained.