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 A 4 wheeled rollator is the perfect solution to people with issues of mobility who need some type of mobility walker as it provides a comfortable way to support your body enabling you to easily move around indoors and outdoors. The loss of mobility can be very hard on a person. It can hinder one's ability to work, shop, and do many other things that are a crucial part of being independent. However, it doesn't have to. Millercare has a range of 4 wheeled rollators available that will immediately help get you on your feet once again. They are able to do so in a way that is comfortable, durable, safe and stylish for the person using them as well.

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Rollator R8 four wheels

Affordable and easy to use

Our 4 wheeled rollators are very simple to use. They are a frame designed to be pushed in front of you as you get around. The wheels will allow the rollator walkers to adjust to whatever direction you move, amending the trajectory without the need for picking it up like old-fashioned frames might have required. All you have to do is simply hold onto the product by its handles and the mobility walker will do the work, taking the weight off you to improve your balance and general mobility.

The size of the frame is easily adjustable, allowing you to alter it to exactly the height that you are most comfortable with. This ensures that the frame is compatible with everyone no matter how short or tall. Most of our products can adjust up to a whole 5 inches in height. Furthermore, although they are designed to take your weight, rollators are actually very light. It means these devices perfect walkers for the elderly and are easy to carry around with you wherever you might be going - especially as they can almost always fold up very easily for when you are, for example, getting on public transport or sharing a car.

4 Wheeled Rollators

Rollator R8 four wheels folded

Some of our 4 wheeled rollators serve as far more than just a walking or mobility aid. They can be designed to include pouches and/or baskets that will contain your valuable items while you are getting around. They are big enough to store handbags, wallets, food, drinks and much more. Furthermore, these can sometimes dual-function as a seat with a backrest, so whenever or wherever you are feeling the need to stop and take a rest you can easily sit down.

Millercare has been providing healthcare and mobility products in the United Kingdom for over 60 years. Our online store allows you to have these items delivered straight to your home or business with free delivery for items over £30 and no limit on how much you can order. We also have showrooms around the North of England in cities and towns such as Manchester, Preston, Wigan, Blackpool, Bury and more.

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