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Fireside chairs for the elderly

For certain types of living rooms, individual chairs provide the perfect blend of comfort, practicality and style. But getting the right individual chair for your living room, the chair that will both complement your colour scheme and provide you with a restful place to relax, is the challenging part.

At Millercare, we have a range of high seat fireside chairs for the elderly or anyone who desires comfort that you can select from. Each is ideal for placing next to the fireplace in an old fashioned home, but can also work in the right contemporary living space too. Each of our high quality chairs also come in a range of different styles that customers can choose from depending on exactly what they are looking for. This ensures you are getting only the perfect chair for your living room; a piece of furniture that you can cherish for many years.

What types of high seat fireside chairs are available?

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Some of the various brands of high seat fireside chairs we provide include names such as Avon, Orwell and Appleby. These well-known and respected brands all have unique qualities and we hope that our range of different styles will ensure there is something for every one of our customers, regardless of what kind of chair they are looking for. Some of our chairs come with adjustable heights, others have patterns, and there are a range of different materials on offer with all of these different options. It allows our catalogue to have a mixed variety of furniture for everyone's individual needs.

The one thing that all of these fireside chairs have in common, however, is their high seat backs. As the name states, these fireside armchairs have taller backs than ordinary chairs. They can be up to 50cm in height, although we do have some adjustable options that go higher. These particular designs, which are very popular for many different types of home, are able to provide the ultimate relaxation by supporting your posture. The chair's soft support also ensures its very comfortable. They are made out of a range of popular fabrics, meanwhile the design also gives the chairs a vintage and classic style that customers may be looking for it their home.

More information about Millercare and our products

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For over half a decade, Millercare has been been a leading name in providing people in the United Kingdom with the healtcare, comfort and mobility items they need. We have showrooms around the North West of England including stores in Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Cumbria. However, our vast range of of household, healthcare and mobility items can also be found online here at

We provide our online customers with excellent value on their orders. Purchases under £30 will have a standard delivery charge of just £4.95 while those over £30 will be FREE of charge. Millercare also has a professional, experienced and knowledgable in-house team of service technicians.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any enquiries regarding our high seat fireside chairs or any of the other items on our website. Millercare's customer service team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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