Disabled Toilet Seats

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For safety and mobility when using the toilet, shop our range of disabled toilet seats which can aid you if you find it difficult sitting down and standing up again. These high toilet seats offer reassurance and comfort so you can retain your dignity and confidence whilst carrying out essential everyday tasks.

They work by making your conventional toilet seat sit higher, so you have a shorter distance to both sit down and stand up again, relieving pain on your legs and back.

Millercare’s range of raised toilet seats covers everything you could possibly need. From the affordable designs that are easy to install, padded designs that offer even more comfort, through to the more heavy duty, designs with fixed arm supports.

Shop our range below and click on the images for more information and pictures so you can make a detailed choice of the design that’s right for you. 

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Product Image
£46.95VAT Relief
Ashby Raised Toilet Seat 6"
Product Image
£24.95VAT Relief
Able2 Padded Toilet Seat
Product Image
£272.95VAT Relief
Enterprise Raised Toilet Seat
  • Product Weight (KG):4
  • Seat Width (cm):42
Product Image
£46.95VAT Relief
Viscount Raised Toilet Seat With Arms
  • Height Adjustable:No
  • Height (cm):34
  • Max User Weight (kg):180
  • Product Weight (KG):2.8
  • Seat Width (cm):44
Product Image
£19.95VAT Relief
Atlantis Raised Toilet Seat Without Lid
  • Folds:No
  • Max User Weight (kg):225
  • Seat Height (cm):2" (5cm) / 4" (10cm) / 6" (15cm)
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Millercare offers a range of disabled toilet seats that are both comprehensive and cost effective. With prices starting as little as £16.90 (excluding VAT) there’s a design for everyone.

Those who could benefit from one of these handy tools are those who find it difficult to sit down or stand up on typically low toilet seats, as these seats simply make the toilet higher. They’re ideal for the elderly and disabled.

Padded raised seats are also available, these helps to relieve some of the pressure of sitting.

Some of the raised toilet seats on offer at Millercare are portable, meaning they can be moved from one toilet to another. Ideal for those who are regularly on the move but need a little assistance.

Disabled Toilet Seats

A selection of the disabled toilet seats on offer from Millercare is designed for strength and durability. They’re gently contoured for extra comfort and extremely lightweight too. Some of the seats slope downwards slightly from the back to the front, allowing the user easier lowering and raising. The deep splash guard minimises soiling and they’re resistant to stains and odours.

A standout product is that designed with Comfyfoam, which is extremely soft and comfortable. It’s easy to fit and requires no screw fixings, but push fits securely over most standard toilet bowls.

The Enterprise design has integrally moulded armrests, offering, even more, stability and security for the user. The unique installation of this product also allows the seat to be used without the need of the original toilet seat being removed.

The Cloo toilet seat can also be adjusted for different seat heights of 60, 100 or 140mm. It’s designed ergonomically and the detachable armrests offer a relaxing support.

Easier personal hygiene is achievable with the Hi-Loo, that has both a recess at the front and rear of the seat. It also comes in a choice of two fixed height models or an angled version that’s designed for people with impaired hip or knee mobility, making it easier for them to rise from.

The Elevated toilet seat with removable arms is constructed from heavy-duty moulded plastic, making it one of the most durable and strenuous designs. The armrests are designed with foam padding for extra comfort and thanks to an improved locking device it has an excellent safe and secure fit.

For those who find it difficult or painful to bend, sit down or stand up, an everyday routine like using the toilet can become disrupted and daunting. But thanks to this line of raised toilet seats you can make all the difference, offering someone a little more freedom and independence. Shop the range now. 

High / Raised Toilet Seats FAQs

What is a raised toilet seat?

A raised toilet seat is an assistive device designed to increase the height of standard toilet seats. 

It is placed on top of the existing toilet seat to provide a higher position for individuals who may have difficulty sitting down or standing up from a low toilet. 

Who can benefit from a high toilet seat?

High toilet seats can be beneficial for many groups of people!

  • People with limited mobility: Individuals with reduced mobility may struggle to bend their joints or put weight on their lower limbs. But a higher toilet seat alleviates strain and facilitates easier transfers.

  • Elderly individuals: As people age, they may experience a reduction in mobility and strength that makes it hard for them to lower themselves onto a standard toilet seat. A raised seat helps them maintain independence and prevents falls or accidents.

  • People with balance issues: Those who struggle with balance or have a higher risk of falling can benefit from a high toilet seat: the increased height provides a stable platform for sitting and standing. 

  • Caregivers: High toilet seats can also benefit caregivers who assist individuals with toileting. The raised height makes it easier for caregivers to assist with transfers and maintain proper body mechanics while providing support.

  • Individuals recovering from surgery: Procedures involving the lower body, including hip replacements and knee surgeries, can have a lengthy recovery time. But a raised toilet seat can aid recovery by reducing strain and minimising discomfort during toileting.

What features should I look for in a disabled toilet seat?

Look for the following features when picking the right accessible toilet seat: 

  • Height adjustability: You should be able to adjust the height of your raised toilet seat for optimum comfort. Adjustable height options allow for maximum customisation based on individual preferences and requirements. 

  • Compatibility: Verify that the raised toilet seat is compatible with your specific toilet. While most models are designed to fit standard toilets, it's essential to check the specifications or consult the manufacturer to ensure compatibility. Some models may have specific requirements or limitations, such as elongated toilets or special mounting systems.

  • Weight capacity: Check the manufacturer's guidelines for weight restrictions. Different models have varying weight limits, meaning you need to choose a seat that can safely support the weight of the intended user. 

  • Stable and supportive structure: Ensure the raised toilet seat has a sturdy construction and secure locking mechanisms to provide stability. Look for models with strong attachment points and reliable locking mechanisms to prevent shifting or wobbling during use.

Are high toilet seats compatible with all toilets?

High toilet seats are typically compatible with most standard toilets, but you should always check the manufacturer's specifications to confirm. 

Although many raised toilet seats are designed to fit most toilets, variations in toilet shapes, sizes, and mounting systems may affect compatibility. Before purchasing your model, consider the following: 

  • Toilet bowl shape: Raised toilet seats are generally designed to fit round or elongated toilet bowls. Check the product description or packaging to confirm whether the seat matches your specific toilet bowl shape.

  • Mounting system: Different brands of raised toilet seats may use various mounting systems, such as clamps, brackets, or adjustable brackets. You’ll need to ensure the mounting system of the seat is compatible with your toilet; if not, some models have adjustable brackets that accommodate different toilet sizes and shapes. 

  • Seat size and dimensions: Consider the dimensions of the raised toilet seat and compare them to those of your toilet seat and bowl. Ensure that the raised seat will fit securely on top of your existing toilet seat without overhang or instability.

Are raised seats for the toilet easy to clean?

Raised toilet seats are designed to be easy to clean! Most models have smooth surfaces and are made with materials that can be easily cleaned or wiped down. 

The plastic or resin materials used in their construction are often non-porous, which prevents staining and makes cleaning more convenient. Below, we’ve listed a few tips for keeping your raised toilet seat in tip-top condition: 

  • Check the manufacturer's instructions: Refer to the instructions or guidelines for your raised toilet seat model before cleaning. They may provide specific cleaning recommendations or precautions to follow.

  • Use mild cleansers: Use mild or non-abrasive cleaning agents when wiping the seat. Harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners may damage the surface or cause discolouration, so you should avoid bleach or ammonia-based cleaners unless explicitly stated as safe. 

  • Wipe regularly: Regularly wipe down the raised toilet seat with a damp cloth or sponge to remove surface dirt, grime, or spills. This will help maintain cleanliness and prevents buildup.

  • Pay attention to crevices or joints: Inspect and clean any crevices, joints, or hinges of the raised toilet seat. Use a soft brush or toothbrush to reach tight areas and remove accumulated dirt or debris.

Is there a weight limit for these high seats for the toilet?

Yes, there is typically a weight limit for raised toilet seats.

 The weight limit refers to the maximum weight the toilet seat can safely support without compromising its stability or structural integrity. However, if no maximum user weight is specified, the toilet seat suits users of all sizes.