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Mobility trolleys are the ideal home investment for those who find it painful and a struggle to stand for a long period of time. They are also helpful to those who have difficulty moving between seated and standing positions.

If you find it difficult to walk outside or access certain facilities in your home, these mobility trolleys are designed to meet your every need. Created with built in shelves, these trolleys are perfect for moving meals and objects with you to aid you with your daily household activities and shopping trips. You will no longer feel frustrated moving from one place to another as these mobility trolleys guarantee ease and comfort. The easy move wheels attached to each trolley provide smooth manoeuvers no matter where you are, with added breaks to ease your mind and provide extra safety on your walks.

At Millercare we offer lightweight stools and household trolleys that make moving around your home that little easier. Many of the designs on offer come complete with armrests and backrests too, these offer additional comfort. With a selection of products, there’s something for every budget and every home with foldaway designs for those short of space and of course non-slip head to help avoid slips.

Shop the range below, and if you need more help to decide on the stool or trolley for you, come and see us in store. Check our branch locator to find the nearest store to you.

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£59.95VAT Relief
Aidapt Wingmore Height Adjustable Trolley
  • Height (cm):79 - 93
  • Width (cm):45
Product Image
£59.95VAT Relief
Rutland Trolley
  • Height (cm):84
  • Max User Weight (kg):177
  • Width (cm):46
Product Image
£79.95VAT Relief
Trolley With Brakes
Product Image
£79.95VAT Relief
Drive Handy Trolley With Brakes
  • Height (cm):81
  • Max User Weight (kg):125
  • Width (cm):57
Product Image
£83.95VAT Relief
Aidapt Height Adjustable Flat Packed Strolley Trolley
  • Height (cm):85
  • Width (cm):45
Product Image
£119.95VAT Relief
Height Adjustable Kitchen Flat Packed Trolley with Brakes
  • Height (cm):84
  • Width (cm):53
Product Image
£129.95VAT Relief
Days Trolley Walker With Brakes White
  • Height (cm):75
  • Max User Weight (kg):125
  • Width (cm):58
Product Image
£139.95VAT Relief
Days Walker Trolley Beige - 081449230
  • Height (cm):75
  • Max User Weight (kg):125
  • Width (cm):58
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If you struggle to stand at your kitchen counter, find it difficult to do the dishes, or you’re in pain whilst you brush your teeth, a perching stool could be the addition to your home to make your life a whole lot more comfortable.

Their sloped seats allow you to perch in a semi-seated posture, which can take the pressure off your legs and feet whilst you perform tasks like ironing or cooking.

They’re available in a range of heights and widths and often come with arm rests so that you can rest comfortably and safely whilst you carry out everyday household tasks.

Folding designs are ideal for those short on space in the home, so you can stow it away when it’s not in use.

Whether you need a resting solution that can be stored away easily, a heavy duty product for heavier people, or a padded one for extra comfort, here at Millercare we have a wide range of solutions to help.

Our selection of trolleys are sturdy and robust walking aid for use within the home and are an ideal means to transport items from one room to another.

Household Trolleys

The household trolleys allow you to move food, drinks and more around the home in a safe manner, they’re ideal for those with low mobility.

Millercare’s carefully selected products include large robust designs for bigger items, and small, folding trolleys perfect for portability.

The Height Adjustable Strolley Trolley is a standout item when it comes to household trolleys. It’s height adjustable, and the trays clip on and off for easy cleaning. Not only that by the wheel guards reduce hair and fibres from being trapped and the castors are resistant to damage, making it highly durable.   

Whether you’re after a perching stool or household trolley, here at Millercare we have the affordable and high-quality products you need to ensure that moving around your home and performing everyday tasks is made that little easier. 

Mobility Trolleys FAQs

What is a mobility trolley?

Mobility trolleys, also known as ‘wheeled trolleys’, are mobility aids designed to assist the movement of items between different locations. 

Useful for indoor and outdoor trips, mobility trolleys are great stabilising devices for those who struggle to stand for long periods. If you need assistance moving from a seated to standing position, mobility trolleys can make the transition easier. 

What are the key features of a good mobility trolley?

Every good mobility trolley has a strong pair of handles with comfortable grip. 

You will be holding onto these, so to protect your skin, look for a mobility trolley with ergonomic or padded handles. 

You’ll also need to decide where you need the most help: indoors or outdoors? At Millercare, we offer mobility trolleys designed for at-home use, meaning our models are lightweight, easily manoeuvrable, and some can be folded down for convenient storage.  

Another key feature to consider is the wheels of your mobility scooter. The floors of your home inevitably accumulate hair, dirt and waste over time, so to prevent this from getting stuck in your mobility trolley, look for wheel guards. 

These will allow for smooth movement across all floors of your home. 

How do I choose the right mobility trolley for me?

Before purchasing a mobility trolley, you should take the following features into account: 

  • Size and capacity: How large is the trolley table? Can it accommodate the items you plan to carry? What is the maximum weight capacity of your preferred trolley, and will it safely support your weight? 

  • Height adjustability: Is your mobility trolley height adjustable? Lowering or raising the height may give the user a more comfortable experience, particularly if they need to sit down. 

  • Storage options: Trolleys with multiple shelves or large capacity baskets will mean fewer trips around your home. If you’re interested in this, look for ample storage options that can help keep the user’s most commonly used items within reach. 

  • Ease of use: Choosing an easy-to-assemble mobility trolley means you can get to grips with it right away. Look for ones that are easy to clean and service to keep it in top condition. 

Can I use a mobility trolley outdoors?

Mobility trolleys are primarily for indoor use, but some can be used outdoors. 

At Millercare, we stock only home-use mobility trolleys. You can find alternative mobility aids for outdoor use that offer the same stability, like our rollators, zimmer frames or walking frames

Can mobility trolleys be folded for easy storage?

Yes, some mobility trolleys are foldable. 

Whether for transport or storage, foldable mobility trolleys offer on-the-go mobility and space maximisation. They’re perfect if you live in a small home or travel frequently and can be safely packed away into small cupboards or car boots for convenient storage. 

Are mobility trolleys covered by insurance?

No, Millercare does not offer insurance for our mobility trolley range. 

However, we do insure manual wheelchairs, mobility scooters and powerchairs. If you own one of these vehicles and want protection against breakdown, theft or damage, partner with Millercare.