Kitchen & Dining Cook Aids

Independent and enjoyable mealtimes needn’t be a thing of the past with our range of cooking aids all designed to help you in the kitchen.

The innovative designs of aids and gadgets ensure that you have the perfect recipe for easy cooking that you get on with yourself.

With everything from reaching and opening ingredients to preparing and cooking food, here at Millercare we have the tools and living aids that ensure mealtime doesn’t have to be a chore but something you can enjoy forever.

Don’t forget the eating part too, with easy grip designs, food guards and stay warm plates you can still enjoy your favourite meals with this handy equipment. 

Making living that little easier with Millercare’s wide range of cooking aids all designed to give freedom and independence to those who struggle with simple things like making a cup of tea or eating a meal.

With more than 80 products to choose from, we’re pretty sure there’s something for everyone and everyone’s needs.

Whether they need small items to help with tasks like opening tins and jars, carrying food and drinks around the home, or simply something to help get to those hard-to-reach items, Millercare has a selection of kitchen and dining aids all to help.

Adapted knives and other cutlery can found here, along with non-spill feeding aids like plates, bowls, cups, and mugs. These aids have all been selected because of their quality and ease of use.

Kettle tippers ensure that everyone can make their cup of tea without worry and anxiety and one-hand trays ensure that it’s easy to get your food and drink around the home with a free hand to help provide stability as walking.

These products were designed for use by older people, those with a range of disabilities as well as people with sight loss. Of course, other items are designed for the general population, but they’re certainly helpful enough to enhance ease of use for everyone.

Standout products available from the line include the Henro-Grip curved cutlery, helping to make eating that little easier. Each piece has a curved design to help bring the food to the mouth, and comes as a spoon or fork and is also available in a right or left-handed version.

The 6-in-1 Multi Opener is also a really handy aid to have. It removes safety seals, metal bottle caps, ring pulls, jar lids, bottle tops and has an enclosed blade for slicing open sealed bags.

If bending down is a struggle, then the Long-handed bottle holder could be the aid you need. The long-handled wire frame can be used to carry bottles easily and safely.

These cooking aids and kitchen aids are all designed to help promote an independent lifestyle, empower seniors with limited mobility and the disabled with this line of aids that are affordable.

Millercare is committed to providing the best quality aids available for independent living at the best possible price.