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Car Boot/Transportable Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are a stylish and valuable product for people suffering from limited mobility. Much easier to use than a standard wheelchair, they are perfect for people who have problems with their upper or lower body strength. However, one of the issues many people face with their mobility scooters is portability. They can often be difficult to place in car boots or store in cupboards, for instance. That is why Millercare provides a range of portable mobility scooters which can be easily dismantled for storage.

Prices start from £599 for these Car Boot/Transportable mobility scooters that we at Millercare have on offer, and they range up to £1299.95 for the top of the line products. But all of the products on offer come with our quality guarantee and ensure that those with limited mobility will gain some independence back.

The design also ensures that you can move this mobility scooter around with ease, whether you’re heading a fair distance to go shopping or heading out for the day.

The scooters on offer come in a range of colour options too, they are mainly designed black with colour accents to allow you to choose one to suit your specific style. Each come with a comfortable chair, plenty of leg room to ensure comfort and a basket that easily allow you to transport shopping or other items with ease.

These portable mobility scooters have varied price points and numerous designs and colours to ensure that there is something for everyone, shop them now below. 

What are mobility scooters?

Mobility scooters are way of assisting people who suffer from various mobility issues. They can be valuable to anyone who has reduced mobility in both their upper or lower body.

Mobility scooters, sometimes known as power-operated scooters or electric scooters, are small motorised vehicles. They are generally designed with three or four wheels with a seat which swivels around to allow access to and from the scooter. The scooters are battery powered.

Mobility scooters have an advantage over wheelchairs in that they don't require excessive use of your arms and shoulders to operate them. As they are generally controlled by the acceleration and brake handles on the front bars of the scooter, they are very comfortable to use.

Another major advantage of mobility scooters is their stylishness. Available in a range of different designs and colours, they are a lot more modern in their appearance than other mobility assistance items.

Why might I need a portable mobility scooter?

One of the disadvantages some mobile scooters have is that they can be heavy. This makes portability and storability quite difficult. You may not be able to take your mobility scooter on family days out by storing it in the back of a car, for example, or create more room around the house by storing it in a cupboard or closet. However, Millercare has a solution to this. We have a range of portable mobility scooters with mechanisms that allow them to easily be disassembled and reassembled.

What do I need to know about using a scooter in the United Kingdom?

There are several things that people looking to buy a portable mobility scooter should know before getting behind the wheel. Some legal requirements exist that may need to be understood regarding road use, speed restrictions and tax discs.

For instance, a Class II scooter - most of our range of portable mobility scooters are this type - must be limited to 4 mph when they are in use. Furthermore, they can only be used on footpaths and cannot be driven on roads. Only Class III scooters are able to be used on a road.

Portable scooters should not require a tax disc because they won't be allowed on the road. This is different from Class III scoothers which may need to be registered for one at the Driver And Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Why should I purchase my scooter from Millercare?

Millercare has been providing mobility products for over half a decade. Our experience and knowledge of the industry has made us a leader in our field, providing a diverse range of top quality items to give those with limited mobility a better standard of life.

Our website contains all of our products with free delivery on orders amounting to over £30. We also have showrooms around the North West of England in places such as Warrington, Wigan, Bolton, Oldham and many others.

Free Delivery on orders over £30