Laundry Bags

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If you’re dealing with incontinence or know someone who is, Millercare’s selection of laundry bags may help keep your soiled garments organised. 

We understand the importance of maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and efficiency in hospital and nursing home settings, which is why our laundry bags are the perfect solution for managing laundry. 

Our drawstring laundry bags give carers a convenient and secure way to collect and transport soiled linens. 

Designed with polyester, these bags have sturdy drawstrings that keep contents contained during transit. The drawstring closure ensures hassle-free access when it's time to empty and refill the bag. 

For additional convenience, we also offer fluid-proof laundry bags. These specially designed bags feature a waterproof lining that effectively contains leaks or spills to prevent contamination. 

Streamline your laundry management further with our bed-changing trolley. Perfect for care homes or hotels, our trolleys allow for easy transportation of clean linens and facilitate efficient bed-changing procedures. 

With sturdy construction and smooth-rolling wheels, our trollies ensure manoeuvrability and can reduce the strain on caregivers. Take laundry organisation one step further with Millercare’s bag trollies. 

Their multiple compartments and durable frames simplify the sorting and separation process for optimised efficiency. 

Improve hygiene processes, reduce cross-contamination and enhance efficiency with our range of laundry products. Trust MillerCare and experience the difference quality products make in maintaining a clean environment. 

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