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Shoe horns might seem like an unnecessary piece of equipment, but they can provide a great deal of assistance for those who struggle with putting their shoes on. Long shoe horns make a great purchase for those who are likely to get a starin or injury whilst doing something that so many of us take for granted. 

At Millercare we have pulled together a great collection of shoe horns that are designed to reduce your risk of straining yourself when you bend down to get your feet protected from the outside world. 

The Able 2 Shoe Horn with spring is 60cm long with a sleek and sophisticated design. The shoehorn is mounted onto a spring, which offers excellent flexibility at getting the horn into the shoe. The leather handle not only adds a luxurious touch, but means its comfortable to grip too. Those with limited mobility will really benefit from buying this Able 2 shoe horn. 

Another option is the Dress E-Z Long Handle Shoe horn which is a two-in-one, a shoe horn and dressing stick. If you need assistance with putting your clothes, as you do with putting shoes on this is a great multi-use device. There’s a long handled shoe horn at one end, and the other end is a push-pull hook. This hook can be used for assistance with putting on socks, pants, tops and more, as well as helping to reach hangers in wardrobes too. The Dress E-Z device is available in two lengths to ensure that you get just the right amount of reach that you need to dress comfortably and independently. 

Simple in design, but excellent in assistance, long handled shoe horns are an important daily living aid that you’ll only be sorry that you never bought sooner.

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