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Walking Frames & Accessories

Walking frames are great for those with limited walking ability. They are particularly suitable for people who need additional support to maintain balance and stability while walking. Whether you’re looking for a walking frame with wheels, different coloured frames, or folding walking frames with forearm castors, here at Millercare we have a range of products to fit your requirements. Simply search the product you wish to find on our site. If you cannot find the exact product you're after, why not have a look through our wide selection of products, or visit your local Millercare branch. We also offer a range of walking frame accessories, such as seatbelt reachers and aprons, which attach easily to your frame.  

If you require any assistance or would like to find out more information on a certain product, visit us in store. If you are unsure where your local Millercare branch is, use our handy branch locator

How to choose a walking frame

Whether you're looking for your favourite colour frame, the right sized frame for your height, or you're after a more practical walking frame with wheels, here at Millercare we want to make sure your requirements are met. As well as walking frames, we offer accessories such as apron bags, which can be clipped onto your walker with ease. This is great for people who need a frame in order to go about their daily lives. You can store food shopping and other personal items in the apron with easy access and no hindrance to the functionality of your walking frame. We also offer netted bags for your frame, which can be easily attached. These nets can hold shopping and handbags easily, allowing you to use your walker without hassle.

If you are unable to walk well with hand-held bars on your walking frame, we also sell walkers with forearm castors. These allow customers to walk whilst having their forearms supported, effectively replacing the hand bars. Many people find this easy to use, as their body weight is more evenly distributed, and strain is no longer placed on the wrists or hands. This is great for customers with arthritis or other issues concerning the hands or joints.

Other accessories

On this page, we also have our seatbelt reacher. This product is great for walking frame users with limited reach, especially those with arthritis or shoulder pain. The Reacher attaches easily to your seatbelt, allowing you ease of access as soon as you sit down in the vehicle. For more information on this product, click on the Seat Belt Reacher link above, or visit us in-store. If you are unsure of where your local store is, use our handy branch locator. 

If you are after something else which can hold your weight and aid in your walking, you may be interested in our other walking aid options. For more information on our walking frames and accessories, we advise talking to one of our customer service advisors in-store or clicking on specific products above, where you will find more information and product specifications. 

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