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Sturdy and portable transit wheelchairs

If you need to be able to get your wheelchair into a car or other vehicle, you will need a transit wheelchair. Our wheelchairs are highly portable and foldable, allowing you to store and move your wheelchair when you need to. Many of our portable wheelchairs also have foldable backs, allowing you ease of access when sat down. If you require a seatbelt for your transit wheelchair, we offer them on a wide range of our products. If you see a chair which does not have a belt, ask a member of our team if a belt can be fitted or added on. We also offer a range of colours in our transit wheelchair range, click on products below to see more information regarding specifications. 

If you would like to try out some of our chairs or browse in person, you can do so at your local Millercare branch. To find your local branch, use our handy branch locator tool. Simply enter your postcode and a list of our nearest branches will load. 

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Making the right choice

Not sure which transit wheelchair suits your needs? Why not browse through the range of products above. Clicking on an individual wheelchair will show you product-specific information, especially information on how transportable and foldable each chair is. Our Escape Lite wheelchair is highly portable and foldable. This product also has a half folding back, allowing you ease of access and flexibility from sat down in the chair. This product also features a seatbelt, as well as puncture proof tyres and castors. This means that it's great for transporting and storing away.

If you're after a top of the range portable wheelchair, why not take a look at the Heavy Duty Transit Wheelchair. This top of the range transit wheelchair features a seamless design and is great if you need to transport your wheelchair on a regular basis. The chair itself collapses easily, and also has a seatbelt for your needs. For more information on this product, visit us in store and talk to a member of staff, who will be able to pair you with the right transit wheelchair for your specifications. 

Our range of portable wheelchairs

Here at Millercare, we understand that everyone is individual, and has certain specifications when it comes to choosing the right chair for them. Portable wheelchairs are great if you need to attend regular hospital appointments, or are always on the move and need a chair which can collapse easily to be placed in storage. To find the best foldable wheelchair to suit your needs, why not browse the range of our products above, or drop by your local branch and speak to a member of staff, who will be able to guide you on which chair best suits your needs.

If you are unsure where you local Millercare branch is, use our handy branch locator tool