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Folding and adjustable walking sticks for coping with pain

A walking stick is a simple device that provides assistance for people who may have mobility problems. If you have an area of your body that is weak or in pain, canes like these support some of your weight so that pressure isn't placed on these areas. This makes it easier to move both in and outside of the house.

From height adjustable sticks to foldable models - the products we have on sale at Millercare

At Millercare, we have over half a century's worth of experience in providing mobility and healthcare support to customers around the United Kingdom. Therefore, we understand that each customer will have unique needs when it comes to purchasing their mobility aids. For this reason, we do not just sell one single type of support, like a crutch or stave. Instead, we have a great many different types on offer for you to browse.

For instance, Millercare stocks several that are fitted with a leather strap. This ensures that you never drop the stick and have to struggle picking it back up, causing further harm to areas of your body that might already be sensitive to pain. Other items on offer from Millercare's range include folding walking sticks, height adjustable walking canes, and a range of different designs and colour schemes.

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How does walking with a stick help?

Walking stick grip

Any kind of walking aid can be a very valuable product for people who experience pain of various kinds. Rather than putting your weight on painful or vulnerable areas of the body, a supportive aid will provide support to alleviate pain to these aforementioned areas of the body. The most common areas of the body that may benefit from some added external support are knees, backs and hips.

Alleviating knee pain

Research suggests that using a walking stick for support can lessen the pressure placed on a knee by around 10%. By alleviating the weight placed on a knee, they will therefore help to reduce stiffness, swelling and various other kinds of pain that people with weak legs might suffer from.

Coping with back trouble

Walking sticks also have a similar effect for back pain. Instead of your back muscles doing the work to control your balance, you will be able to lean on an external structure to provide this support for you. It will allow users to step on and off curbs, navigate uneven ground or walk over uneven ground with greater ability and ease.

Managing hip problems

Walking stick with glow grip

Pain towards the groin can become intense when people have problems with their hips - particularly when this has due to arthritis. However, stabilising the pelvis will help to reduce the stress and the best way to achieve this is by utilising good external support.

Why you should purchase walking sticks from Millercare

Millercare is among the United Kingdom's most established and trusted retailers of healthcare and mobility assistance products. With many decades of industry experience, we have been able to provide top quality items from wheelchairs and rollators to collapsible walking sticks and zimmer frames.

Our storerooms can be found across the North West in Wigan, Warrington, Stockport, Preston, Manchester including many other towns and cities. However, our products are also available to purchase online in just a few clicks with free delivery on orders over £30.


Free Delivery on orders over £30