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Stairlifts offer both a practical and straightforward solution to many problems in the home. It can change your lifestyle, your movement and more. Although Stairlifts are often an investment, you will soon see that, as a mobility, Stairlifts are priceless in the home.

Struggling to get up and down the stairs shouldn’t have to be an issue. We offer a range of used and new Stairlifts, easily fitted by ourselves, in order to give you back the freedom of movement. With the ease of use taken into consideration, we can help you find you the best Stairlift suited to your needs.

Stairlifts in our range include Stannah as well as Otolift. And, whether you own a straight or curved staircase, you won’t be disappointed by the range of products on our site.

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If you’re after a seated design, you’ll find a range of styles that allow you to sit comfortably in place whilst you travel up and down. If you’re looking for a standing disability aid, you will also find a range of these on this page.

Prices in our range here at Millercare start from £1295 for a Stairlift, and just £495 for a StairSteady, which allows you to travel upstairs and down with the help of a bar. Each Stairlift comes with our guarantee, and we can provide you with a 12-month cover, which is great for engineer and breakdown support.

If you would like to see our Stairlifts before you buy, we completely understand. You can find our range of Stairlifts in selected Millercare Stores. To find out if the Stairlift you want is at your local Millercare store, call them directly. The numbers for specific Millercare stores can be found here.