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Wheelchairs are absolutely essential for anyone who has lost their ability in the lower and/or upper body. They provide you with support to get around despite the loss of these functions, whether independently or with the help of someone who can propel the chair for you. 

At Millercare, we understand exactly how important a wheelchair can be in transforming your life. Therefore, we sell a number of excellent wheelchair accessories such as bags, trays, and wheelchair covers to help make using a wheelchair as comfortable and as simple as possible.

Whether you’re going out for a day with your friends, travelling to the shop, or getting out of the house for some fresh air, our wheelchair bags make it easy to store your belongings. This is great for packing store-bought items or keeping your wallet and phone secure whilst you’re outside. These simply attach to the back of your chair, which you can slide on and off with ease. 

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your manual wheelchair without throwing out your old model, our rehasense PAWS attachments are ideal for you. These are powered wheels which attach to the front of your wheelchair, transforming it into a powerchair. 

This powerful add-on takes the responsibility off of you and transforms your wheelchair into a two-in-one vehicle. Equipped with easy-grip handlebars and speeds of up to 15 km/h, you can get to your destination quicker and appreciate a smooth journey. 

To make the transfer from your bed to your wheelchair much simpler, our leg lifting bands and transfer boards take the stress off you. This makes it easier to transfer your weight over to your wheelchair, reducing the risk of injury or falls.

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£599.95VAT Relief
Roma Power Pack
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£14.95VAT Relief
Homecraft Leg Lifter
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£8.95VAT Relief
Rigid Leg Lifter
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£69.95VAT Relief
Days Curved Transfer Board
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£24.99VAT Relief
Karma Anti Tippers Pair
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£3995.95VAT Relief
Rehasense PAWS City 12" Wheels
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£4600.95VAT Relief
Rehasense PAWS Cruiser
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£4995.95VAT Relief
Rehasense PAWS Tourer
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£27.95VAT Relief
Short Transfer Board
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The wheelchair accessories we stock are intended to make wheelchair usage as comfortable as possible. We understand that wheelchairs are life-changing products for many people who have disabilities or limited mobility. Therefore we strive to make the experience of using a wheelchair easier, comfier and better all around. The wheelchair accessories we stock in order to help you make the most of your wheelchair include the following:

Wheelchair bags

One of the complaints often made about wheelchairs is their lack of storage facilities. For many people, wheelchairs are the only way to get around independently but, unfortunately, wheelchairs do not provide the ability to easily store personal belongings or purchases you make.

To help resolve this complaint, we have a handful of wheelchair bags available. These handy wheelchair accessories can be securely fixed onto the chair and function like rucksacks. They let you carry your personal items including walking sticks, handbags or additional clothing. The wheelchair bags are spacious, weatherproof and can be easily accessed from your seat.

Wheelchair ramp accessories

Wheelchairs often need to be stored in a vehicle or mount tall objects. When this need arises, the weight and design of a wheelchair can make it difficult to overcome these obstacles. However, Millercare provides a number of affordable wheelchair ramps that provide greater accessibility in situations just like this. They can be used either portably or permanently. They can be taken with you in cars, for instance, or fixed on front doorsteps to make getting in and out of your home much simpler.

Wheelchair clothing

Protecting yourself from the worst of Britain's weather can be difficult when you are in a wheelchair. Many people who use them have probably experienced getting caught in a downpour. Having to use a wet chair or the struggle to get a coat on with limited mobility can be frustrating, displeasing and uncomfortable. Millercare provides a number of fashionable and practical clothing options specifically for wheelchair users. These coats will help you remain dry, comfortable and warm.

Why purchase wheelchair accessories from Millercare?

Millercare has been providing mobility and healthcare products for the last 50 years. It has provided us with the experience and knowledge to provide only the highest quality wheelchair assistance products on the market. Whether you need wheelchair gloves, wheelchair trays or other accessories of that type our online store allows you to choose from a range of these items, and orders over £30 will be delivered completely free of charge. You can also visit us at one of our showrooms around the North West of England. We have stores in Manchester, Warrington, Wigan, Bolton and many other areas.