Discreet and comfortable incontinence pads and pull up pants

Here at Millercare, you will find an array of incontinence products from all of the leading brands and suppliers including adult incontinence pads and pants from iD, Tena, Lille and more. When it comes to stocking products for our customers, we put their needs first in order to find and sell the best products at a competitive price. Below you will find a range of absorbent, discreet, comfortable and sanitary products to suit your needs and level of incontinence. We understand that incontinence can be a sensitive issue, which is why we’re open about our products in order to give you the best idea on which item will suit your needs the most.

Our range of disposable incontinence pads for men and women come in different shapes, sizes and design in order to give you the most discreet and comfortable option for you. Adult nappies and pull up pads ensure ease of use and will help to ease your mind thanks to their secure design. Easily disposed of, you will also find that our range is inclusive of sizes and material.

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Our Products

For those with heavy incontinence, our Lille Supreme range offers a discreet option, and can be attached to underwear easily. A well as this, they can be disposed of quickly and efficiently, ensuring comfort and ease of use.

If your incontinence issues are light, our Id Expert Fit range could be exactly what you’re looking for. Fitted in the shape of a short, these adult diapers offer protection, support and comfort when you need it the most. Plus, don’t miss out on the Sangenic Easiseal Standard Pad Disposal System, which can hold up to 15 medium pads for easy disposal with minimal fuss.

Tena Flex incontinence pants

Easy and discreet process

We appreciate that buying incontinence pads can be a sensitive purchase, which is why we do everything possible to make the process as swift, easy and discreet as it can be. We keep a lot of items in stock, so we’re able to ship them quickly, often the very next day after receiving your order. We’re also more than happy to send out samples to give you a feel for the products that we provide. Rest assured that all packaging is discreet.

If you want to find out more about our incontinence pads and other incontinence products, please don’t hesitate to contact us or drop by one of our showrooms, where our experts will be on hand to answer your questions. You can find the details for each of our branches here.