Chairs and Seating Aids

If the process of entering and exiting a standard armchair or sofa has become more challenging, our range of riser recliners could provide significant relief. Riser recliners represent opulent furniture pieces designed to enhance comfort and foster independence within the confines of your own home. Our collection includes single motor, dual motor, and 4-motor riser recliners, offering you the flexibility to adjust your seating position.

Opting for a single action recliner chair allows you to simultaneously lower the backrest and raise the footrest. On the other hand, a dual motor riser recliner provides greater control over the angles of the backrest and footrest. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with medical conditions requiring elevated feet, yet who still desire an upright position for activities such as watching television, reading or eating. Whether you choose a single motor or a dual motor chair, the capability to recline into a comfortably near-horizontal position ensures you can enjoy moments of relaxation. Both types of recliners feature electric riser motors, facilitating a gradual ascent or descent into the chair, thereby alleviating strain on your arms and wrists.

Our diverse selection of riser recliners extends to various designs and fabrics, including stylish, low-maintenance leather riser recliner and exceptionally soft, durable fabric upholsteries. The choice of a backrest design is also crucial, with a pillow back providing a warm, padded sensation and a waterfall backrest offering additional pressure relief, particularly in the lumbar region.

We offer our customers a range of chairs to suit every need. Whether you need a recliner armchair, a Fire Side chair this winter, or specialist seating and seating aids, we have it all. To find out more about our products, click on the range below and you will be able to find the perfect chair for you. 

We also stock a range of chairs in our branches around the UK. If you would like to see a number of them - why not visit your local store? To find your local Millercare store, use our branch locator. 

Our Rise & Recliner chairs are great if you struggle to get out of your seat and need assistance doing so. We offer a range of colours, styles, and brands. So why not click on our selection of chairs above and browse our great range. 

Our selection of chairs for the fireside is also amazing and great for the price. We offer a range of colours, patterns, comfort level and style. With over 30 items to choose from, Millercare really is a great choice for your needs. 

If your needs are more specialised, we also offer chairs with a range of functions. For example, if you would like a chair that reclines into a bed if necessary, we offer the Kirton Duo Chair. This is an amazing product which allows the user to sleep comfortably if the occasion arises. Here at Millercare, we also offer a range of other specialist chairs, click on our range above to see what we have on offer for you. 

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