Disabled Bathing & Shower Accessories

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Our range of disabled bath aids that are ideal for both the elderly and disabled, ensuring you stay safe in the warm and wet environment.

This range of products has been designed to help keep you steady on your feet and make bathing safer, yet still enjoyable. For those who consider taking a bath or a shower part of their daily routine, these handy tools and aids can make the whole process a lot more secure.

From non-slip bath mats and grab rails to long handled sponges and adjustable bath sets, Millercare provide a wide range of top quality and affordable bathing and showering aids that can help you retain your independence as you bathe and shower. 

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£14.95VAT Relief
Foot Brush and Sponge
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£11.95VAT Relief
Lotion and Cream Applicator
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£25.95VAT Relief
Etac Beauty Body Washer
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£25.95VAT Relief
Etac Beauty Hair Washer
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£16.95VAT Relief
Flannel Strap and Wash Mit
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£23.95VAT Relief
Performance Health Soapy Soles
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£14.95VAT Relief
Foot cleaner with pumice
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Accidents in the bathroom can be frequent, due to the wet and slippery nature of the room, so taking extra precautions with our range of disabled bath aids and accessories can help make the room a little safer and more secure to move around in independently.

Temporary bathrooms aids, like the shower stool, are easy to transport and lightweight, perfect for when you’re travelling. The long handled aids make it easier for those who find it difficult to reach their toes or back and the Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Basin makes it possible to wash your hair from the bed, ideal for those who are bed bound.

Not only do we offer a range of top quality bathing and showering aids in a range of styles and sizes to suit you, we also ensure affordability with prices that rival our competitors. These disabled bath aids are popular because everybody wants to be able to wash regularly and safely, and that’s what these aim to help ensure. That you can get clean in a safe environment.  

The adjustable bath step makes it easier to get in and out of the bath. The modular adjustable block platform is unique in its design and versatility. Unlike traditional bath steps, this allows extra sections to be added or removed as required.

For those with balance problems, back pain or limited lower movement, products like Soapy Soles are the perfect solution. They attach to the bathtub or shower floor by strong suction cups and you simply wet and apply soap and rub your feet backward and forwards for a soothing foot wash.

The long handled beauty hair washer is ergonomically designed and carefully balanced to provide maximum power with minimal effort and strain. It’s designed to help you reach further and the shape ensures it reaches all over your head and massages the entire scalp, substituting your fingers when shampooing.

Whereas the shampoo cap totally eliminates the need for water, yet washes, conditions, and rinses your hair with one simple step. Hair is left smelling fresh, towel dry and ready for styling.

These bathing and showering aids offered by us at Millercare are designed to provide robust support and a little ease whilst carrying out bathing or showering. These affordable and high-quality products help to create an innovative and accessible bathroom that meets your needs.