Incontinence Products and Aids for Adults

Millercare's range of adult incontinence products are a useful solution for those living with bowel or bladder incontinence. These are specially designed styles of underwear generally worn under these garments. They provide an extra layer that will soak up any bodily fluids such as urine. The incontinence products are all made from absorbent materials that keep the skin dry and maintain general hygiene. Case deal discounts are available on selected lines of our disposable incontinence pads.

We have many different types of incontinence products for men and women alike. Our catalogue includes those that are disposable right after they have been used. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, this option will provide you with a bulk of adult nappies that can be thrown away once they are soiled. You simply grab a new one out of the pack once the last has been used. The disposable incontinence pads are easy to wear, fitted with an elastic waistband, and promise to contain any mess with their anti-leak cuffs around the sides of the legs. They are also subtle and discreet for the wearer.

Disposable Incontinence Pads

Disposable incontinence pads are perfect for temporary use, helping to make life more comfortable until medical help can be sought. When it is a more permanent issue, washable pants may be the most suitable option. These are larger styled briefs that can be purchased in a range of styles from small to extra large. They absorb any incontinence effectively and are simple to clean for re-use without losing their hygiene or comfort. They are made in styles for both men and women.

Millercare understands that bowel or bladder problems extend far beyond just clothing. Therefore, we also stock a number of items to help people suffering from it around the home. Our Bed And Seat collection provides protective surfaces for the furniture you use every single day - couches, mattresses, pillows and more. These are able to absorb up to 3 litres of fluid and can easily be washed should they become soiled. We also have a number of disposable gloves of different shapes and sizes for when you are cleaning any incontinence products.

Our company has been providing quality healthcare and mobility products for over 60 years. All of incontinence products as well as everything else in our catalog can be purchased online with free delivery for orders over £30 based inside of mainland UK.  We also have showrooms based around all of the North West of England including locations in Blackpool, Wigan, Warrington, Preston, Manchester and many more.