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Mobility scooter accessories - covers, coats, batteries and more

Using your mobility scooters can be even more comfortable and practical with Millercare's excellent range of mobility scooter accessories. From waterproof bags to weather-resistant covers, we aim to ensure you are getting the very best from your scooter.

What Are Mobility Scooter Accessories?

A scooter can change the life of someone who has lost some of their mobility. They allow you to regain your independence and get around with comfort, ease and safety, relieving any pain that might be caused from walking and protecting you from harmful trips and falls.

As they can be such a valuable item to those with mobility assistance needs, it is important to make sure you are getting the most out of your scooter. For this reason, Millercare has a range of mobility scooter accessories that allow the user even greater comfort and practicality.

Here are just some examples of the amazing accessories we have on offer for you:

Mobility Scooter Bags

Most mobility scooters include the standard basket on the front which allow you to store your shopping or personal belongings when you are out and about. However, these baskets are not normally protected from weather meaning valuables may get wet should you get caught in a downpour of rain.

To fix this problem, Millercare offers waterproof mobility scooter bags. These can be attached to the back of your seat and will allow you to securely store your belongings without getting damaged by wind, rain, sleet or snow.

Mobility Scooter Covers

If you are leaving your mobility scooter outside a building - perhaps if you are nipping into a shop or do not wish to take it inside the house - you may run the risk of having it damaged by rain. The seat may become wet and uncomfortable if it becomes soaked by rain, for instance, or the control panel that allows you to command the scooter might malfunction if it accumulates significant weather damage.

Millercare's range of scooter covers will solve this. These mobility scooter accessories can be placed on top of the scooter, or specific areas of the scooter such as the seat and control panel, to ensure they are not affected by weather damage. The covers come in several different styles and sizes.

Mobility Scooter Clothing

Millercare's range of accessories also have clothing that can be worn while you are using your mobility scooter. These include full length coats, varying in size, which can keep you warm and dry when you are using your scooter. These items are specifically designed for mobility scooter use as they provide comfortable space to manoeuvre the product and boast deep pockets where you can store your personal belongings while you are using it.

Why Purchase Accessories From Millercare?

Millercare is among the most respected names in the healthcare and mobility assistance industry. We have been helping to support people with these issues for several decades, establishing ourselves as a trusted name with immense understanding of the needs of our customers.

Millercare has storerooms around the North of England - our locations can be found in Oldham, Wigan, Warrington, Blackpool and many other areas - but all our products are also available via our website. Furthermore, any orders over £30 come with free delivery, and we also have a number of 'Star Buy' products that slash the price by up to 50%.

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