Mobility Scooter Accessories & Bags

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Make daily life a breeze with Millercare’s range of mobility scooter accessories. 

Your travels should be comfortable, convenient and care-free. Carrying your essentials can be tough if you don’t have a safe storage space: without pockets or a bag, what should wheelchair users do? 

Our mobility scooter bags are the perfect answer! We offer plenty of spacious, durable storage spaces, including scooter rucksacks that clip onto the back of your chair. 

Millercare’s bags for mobility scooters are designed to be accessible, with large capacities, easy-to-grab zip fobs and grip-textured handles for maximum functionality. If you’ve already got your capable storage bag, how else can you customise your wheelchair?

Luckily, we offer other accessories for mobility scooters, like our high-quality scooter rain covers. Protect your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter from rain, dust and dirt by shielding it under one of our durable capes. We offer covers for your control panel, chair and even your body! 

Unlock the secret to all-weather mobility with a stylish Millercare canopy. Manufactured with rust-proof aluminium and waterproof materials, our canopies are compatible with most scooters on the market. 

Get the most out of your vehicle with Millercare’s mobility scooter accessories, designed to make life easier.

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