Children’s Mobility Aids


Date published 12.12.2020

At Millercare, we offer a range of mobility and living aids to aid and help children no matter their ailment. We offer walking frames, mobility scooters, wheelchairs and more. Below is our guide to mobility aids available on the website, along with our top suggestions for use. 

Children’s Walking Frames

Walking frames for kids usually have four castor wheels that are mounted on the separate legs or on a surrounding frame. Many feature height-adjustable supports that can help as kids both grow and heal and are built to accommodate a range of weights. The Coopers Small Frame works well for children, alongside our elbow crutches for everyday use.

Children’s Rollator 

Rollators are lightweight walking aids that are perfect for transport and everyday use. These living aids are ideal for children who require more assistance when walking and are equipped with brakes to ensure that children can manoeuvre and manage them safely. Some come with extras such as bottle holders, and some are more simple to use. We recommend this model for children, as the height is adjustable to help growing and healing kids use them for longer. 

Children’s Living Aids

Living aids can help with everyday life, from eating to cooking and everything in between, living aids for kids can help them live a normal life and find independence. We offer a few living aids fo children, such as curved utensils and handy drinking cups

Children’s Wheelchairs

There are lots of things you need to take into consideration when buying a wheelchair for your child, the size, adjustability, growth ability, weight and colour. We offer a range of wheelchairs for children and even have a guide on them here. One of our most popular wheelchairs for children is the Zippie, which comes in two colours and is lightweight/easy to use.