How To Shop For The Best Kids Wheelchair In 2020


Date published: 16.07.2020

There are lots of things you need to take into consideration when buying a wheelchair for your child, the size, adjustability, growth ability, weight and colour! Below are some tips to help you decide on the best wheelchair for your child as well as the children’s wheelchairs we have available here at Millercare. 

Wheelchair Weight 
Depending on your needs, you need to consider how heavy the wheelchair will be; if you will be carrying it in and out of a car, lifting it upstairs and other strenuous activities it’s important the wheelchair will be light. There is a large selection of light wheelchairs available for you to choose from. 

Growth Ability 
As wheelchairs can be quite expensive you don’t want your child to grow out of their wheelchair to soon after you bought it. Some wheelchairs have the ability to change the seat depth to allow the wheelchair to grow with your child 

Depending on your child’s needs, you may need a wheelchair that allows you to adjust the position of your child to take care of them, whether that be for respiratory function or for feeding. Having a wheelchair that adjusts to your child’s needs is one of the most important things to consider.  

Zippie Simba Children’s Self Propel Manual Wheelchair

This great wheelchair only weighs 8kg overall as well as allowing for your child to push themselves, giving them extra independence! It also features an adjustable push bar, a safari side guard wheel lock and is available in a variety of colours. 

Zippie RS Tilt In Space Children’s Wheelchair

This wheelchair is designed to be versatile for your child’s needs, including for feeding, better weight distribution and respiratory function care. It allows for easy positioning with a tilting range of 45° and the adjustable seat depth allows the chair to grow with your child. Also comes with an accessory box and multiple colours. 

Zippie TS Tilt In Space Children’s Wheelchair

This wheelchair is available in a folding or rigid frame, both frames offer built-it growth ability. It is compatible with seating and positioning solutions as well as featuring 45° tilt technology for better adjustability.