Which Is The Best Lightweight Wheelchair For You

Choosing the right wheelchair for your needs is a big decision. It can sometimes feel overwhelming to choose a wheelchair when there are so many options and choices for a range of different injuries and disabilities. Although it’s tempting to give up and buy something cheap and easy, it might not be the best design and suit for you. Using a wheelchair should be liberating, and using one means you can travel, visit new places and complete everyday things. 

Is a Lightweight Wheelchair Right For Me?

Lightweight Wheelchairs are great for those who need help with rehabilitation after surgery or those who need something lightweight and easy to take with them when travelling. Suited for both outdoor and indoor use, these wheelchairs collapse and are portable, meaning they can be effortlessly stored when not in use or when travelling. 

How Much Do Lightweight Wheelchairs Weigh?

The lighter the wheel chair, the easier it is to manoeuvre. Lighter wheelchairs are usually made from an aluminium frame with removable foot frames which can be adjusted or removed to accommodate your needs. Weights for these types of wheelchairs usually start from 29lbs up to around 50lbs. 

Lightweight Wheelchairs for Travel

The best lightweight wheelchairs which can be used for travel are those that are collapsible, easily stored away and lightweight enough to carry by a caregiver. Our i-Lite Travel Transit Manual Wheelchair is the perfect example of a travelling lightweight wheelchair. Great for taking on public transport or storing in the boot of your car, the i-Lite comes with detachable footrests and weighs around 25 lbs. 

If you’re on a budget, we also recommend the Aidapt Aluminium Compact Transport Wheelchair, which starts at £89.95 and offers lightweight material in a small and easy going chair. 

Lightweight Wheelchairs With Removable Wheels 

Sometimes, you may need to remove the wheels on your wheelchair in order to fit the frame into a designated space. Not all wheelchairs come with wheels that are removable, however, there are some out there which will allow you to do so. From our own selection, we recommend the Days Swift Attendant Propelled Wheelchair.