Walking Sticks at the Airport: All You Need to Know

If you need the assistance of a walking stick to walk comfortably, then you should be allowed to use your mobility aid throughout the airport when you are travelling. Airports often require a lot of walking, and boarding a plane can be difficult if you don’t have the support you need. Airlines and airport security are understanding of this, and usually allow passengers to keep their walking sticks with them. However, there are some rules about walking sticks on planes and in airports that you should be aware of. The information below should help you to avoid having your walking stick confiscated by airport security or having trouble with your luggage.

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Can you get through airport security with a walking stick?

Usually, you should be able to pass through airport security with your walking stick without an issue. The airport security officer will either have to pass your walking stick through the X-ray machine or inspect it separately. You should let them know if you are unable to stand without the walking stick, as the airport can provide a wheelchair or a temporary mobility aid while security assesses your walking stick. As long as they are satisfied that the stick can’t be used as an offensive weapon, they should return it to you and allow you to continue to your boarding gate. Avoid bringing a walking stick that has spikes on it or a removable tip. For example, the Drive Hurrycane does not have a removable tip so it would be safe to bring on board. 

Are walking sticks allowed on planes?

Most airlines will allow passengers to bring a walking stick onto the plane with them if they need it to aid their mobility. For safety reasons, you must either be able to collapse the stick and store it under your seat or store it in the overhead luggage bin. Otherwise, the walking stick could be a tripping hazard. Walking sticks are classed as mobility aids, so they do not count towards your hand luggage allowance. If you are likely to need your walking stick to get to the bathroom on the plane during the flight, it is best to use a collapsible stick which can be kept within easy reach under a seat (unless you have a companion to get it for you). 

Here are some of Millercare's best foldable walking sticks for the airport:

All of the foldable walking sticks available are durable, high-quality and just as effective and easy-to-use as a non-foldable stick.  

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Are walking sticks allowed in carry on luggage?

If you would prefer, you can store your walking stick in your carry-on bag during the flight. This is subject to the size limitations imposed by the specific airline. Check the weight and dimensions of the baggage allowances for your airline in advance to make sure that your walking stick will fit within these limitations. This should not be a problem for folding walking sticks. You do not have to store your walking stick inside your carry-on luggage to meet the carry-on limit, as mobility aids are not considered to be carry-on luggage themselves. You may be able to attach a collapsible walking stick onto the outside of a carry-on bag as well.

Are walking sticks allowed in checked luggage?

If you do not think you will need your walking stick to board and disembark from the plane, then you might prefer to pack it into your checked luggage. This may be because your travel companion can help you during the flight instead, or because you simply have a spare stick with the rest of your luggage. If you have a larger suitcase and the walking stick doesn’t fold, you can store it in there rather than trying to fit it into the overhead bins on the plane. Sticks and canes should pass through security without an issue inside checked bags. Hiking poles, on the other hand, are classed as sports equipment, and they can only go in hold baggage. If you plan on bringing your walking stick on board with you, then you might want to purchase a  for convenience and to ensure that your stick does not get damaged.   

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What is the best type of walking stick to take on a plane?

The most suitable type of walking stick for travel if you are flying is a folding walking stick. They are often more lightweight, making them easier for you to carry, and collapsible sticks are also easier to store. For example, The Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Go and Glow, folds away and is easy to store. You can keep a walking stick in your carry-on bag or keep it under your seat on the plane so that you can reach it when you need it without causing a risk to anyone else on board. Folding walking sticks are just as comfortable and sturdy as regular walking sticks, and they are usually also fully adjustable. Always check that there are no spikes underneath if the tip is detachable because the walking stick could be confiscated.