Free Hearing Test Southport

At Discretion Hearing Ltd Southport we offer a completely free hearing test service. This free hearing assessment can be carried out at our state of the art clinic in the centre of Southport or in the comfort of your own home.Discretion Hearing Ltd Southport are 100% independent, meaning you will receive the best advice for you during your no pressure free hearing assessment. This gives you complete peace of mind that you are receiving the best treatment, without being sold something you don’t need or that is unsuitable for your particular lifestyle. At Discretion Hearing Ltd Southport we believe looking after your hearing should be part of your annual health checks, just like going to the dentist or optician. This is why our free hearing test is ideal, making it a stress free addition to your healthcare schedule.
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What to expect

Your free hearing assessment may be completely different to one you’ve had in the past or your friend has described, due to it being completely personalised to you and your current requirements. Discretion Hearing Ltd Southport pride ourselves in being 100% independent, meaning our audiologist can use his experience gained over 30 years to offer you the best treatment and advice. The hearing test can be carried out in our central Southport premises, or in your own home meaning it’s easier than ever to have your hearing assessed. Your free hearing test will usually take around an hour to complete.

What is included?

Visual Inspection

First our highly trained audiologist will visually examine your ears using an otoscope. This handheld device allows him to check the condition of your ear canal and eardrum.He will check for any medical conditions that may be causing any hearing loss and will advise on this, referring to ENT specialists if required. He will also check for any ear wax build up. Ear wax can build up and be compacted by using cotton buds etc and this may cause changes in hearing. If required, Discretion Hearing Ltd Southport offer an earwax removal service using the latest microsuction techniques

Hearing Test

Once the visual inspection has been completed, it’s time for the main test which may include:Tone Test: This test is used to check your thresholds for hearing at various audio frequencies and gives our audiologist a better idea of which part of the ear may be affecting your hearing. Speech Test: This test will look at how well you are able to recognise, and sometimes repeat, spoken words. This test can also be used to check the upper limits of your comfortable hearing.


Upon completion of the free hearing test, the audiologist will discuss your results with you, offering unbiased advice on what your next steps should be on your hearing journey. Any medical treatment required will be discussed fully and referrals can be made. You may require re-evaluation at a later date or some people may require hearing aids. If this is the case, as Discretion Hearing ltd are 100% independent, we offer the widest range of hearing aid solutions from all suppliers, meaning we can advise on and find you the best hearing aids suitable for your needs. Book your free hearing test today.