Hearing Aids Southport

Discretion Hearing Ltd Southport are 100% independent hearing aid audiologists, this means we can offer the widest range of hearing aids and accessories from all of the major manufacturers.Instead of being biased towards one particular hearing aid manufacturer, and recommending hearing aids that might be in our own best interest, we have chosen to stay completely independent. This means that our advice is, and always will be, based on which hearing aids would be best suited to you and your lifestyle.
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The right hearing aids change lives

Our audiologist has over 30 years experience of working with hearing aids, and helping people to live a better quality of life. As a family run business in Southport, we go above and beyond to ensure you will receive the best advice and care over the lifetime of your hearing aids, with Discretion Hearing Ltd you become one of the family. We will program and fit your hearing aids to suit you, and give you the very best user experience with lifelong service and after care.

"My hearing isn't that bad"

At Discretion Hearing Ltd we know that when people think of hearing loss, they can make many excuses to avoid getting hearing aids. “I’m not old enough”, “I’m too old”, “I can hear ok”, “Hearing aids are big and ugly”.We offer a free hearing test to ascertain your levels of hearing loss. This will tell us if a hearing aid will benefit you, and if so the type of hearing aid that will be the most beneficial.People often think of a hearing aid as a large, “flesh” coloured banana shaped box, advances in technology means this is now far from the case. Modern hearing aids come in many different shapes and sizes, including in-ear buds, and the behind the ear models are now much, much smaller meaning they are practically invisible. With Bluetooth and advancements in audio technology, new hearing aids can receive feeds directly from devices like your televisions and phones, and hearing aids like the Evolv Ai from Starkey make up to 55 Million personalised adjustments every hour to deliver the most realistic, genuine sound in every listening environment.At Discretion Hearing we are 100% committed to finding you the best hearing solutions for your needs, and being completely independent means we can offer hearing aids from all of the manufacturers such as Starkey, Oticon, Phonak, Signia, Widex and Resound.

Try before you buy

At Discretion Hearing Ltd we keep up to date with the latest emerging technologies and have a state of the art demonstration area in our Southport clinic.Here we can demonstrate how many of these new advancements will benefit you and your family. One of the most exciting advancements in hearing aids is that many of the modern devices come with Bluetooth technology built in and this leads to being able to beam audio directly to the aid from various devices such as your mobile phone, tablet or T.V. which vastly improves the experience of using a hearing aid.At Discretion Hearing Ltd Southport you can sit on our comfortable couch and control the volume of the T.V. in your hearing aid while it stays the same for your family. We offer a 30 day trial on selected hearing aids, and some are also available with 0% finance.Contact us today to book your free hearing test.