Wake & Shake Vibrating Alarm Clock

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Ever been late for work or an important meeting because you have slept in, after just not hearing your alarm? Or, even worse, been awake all night worrying that your alarm isn’t loud enough? Let us take this anxiety away with the Geemarc Wake and Shake Alarm Clock.

As the most popular loud alarm clock in our range, it can shake awake even the deepest of sleepers. It doesn’t just shake and wake, you can also connect the clock to your phone so that it vibrates in order to alert you to the phone ringing, making this product more than just an extra loud alarm clock.


  • Large red LED number display 50mm high so you won't need to squint to read the time.
  • User friendly instructions making the time and alarm easy to set.
  • Uses a 12-hour clock.
  • Snooze button that gives you an extra nine minutes of sleep.
  • Battery not required, but you can install one as back-up if you want.
  • Adjustable volume and tone controls.
  • Can be linked to telephone socket to alert you to calls at night.
  • Four alarm settings for the clock and telephone ringer: vibrating pad only; alarm & vibrating pad; flash & alarm; or flash only.
  • Snooze button and battery back-up.

This Shake n Wake alarm clock for the hard of hearing is the most popular in our range and will make sure you get out of bed on time