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SitnStand - Portable Smart Rising Seat

Featured in the Daily Mail



"The padded, foam-filled device works via a handset attached to a tiny generator that inflates the seat pad, gently elevating it to help the user to their feet." - The Daily Mail (Source)

How does it work?

The SitnStand is simple and easy to use. After placing the SitnStand on a chair, you press the up button on the control to start the inflation process. There are 4 stages of inflation and when you feel it is at the correct height you are able to raise from the chair. You can then either use the SitnStand on another chair deflating it until it is flat again or return to the inflated SitnStand and deflate it using the down button.


Seat footprint - Deflated: 40 x 53 x 0.5 (sitting area) (cm)

Seat footprint - Inflated: 40 x 48 x 20 (sitting area) (cm)

Carrying package dimensions - 45 x 55 x 10  (cm)

Product weight: 3.5 kg

Max supported weight: 120kg

Nominal Operation time (inflate/deflate): ~25 sec


There are demonstration models in every Millercare branch and home demonstrations are available upon request

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