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The compact and powerful electric powered wheelchair

The Salsa-R² electric powered wheelchair incorporates a great indoor and outdoor performance. Indoors the compact base and low seat to floor height (starting from 42cm) ensures easy access under tables. Outdoors the adjustable suspension and powerful motors (2-pole or 4-pole) always offer a comfortable and active driving characteristic up to a speed of 10 kph. With simple access to the batteries from the rear they can be easily changed while the user is in the powerchair.

Fully adjustable seating system

The Salsa R² electric powered wheelchair is equipped with a fully adjustable seating system which can be quickly adjusted throughout the full range of width and depth, back angle and height without additional parts. The seat is designed for perfect adaptation to the user and enables prompt servicing and refurbishment. Alternative backs and wheelchair cushions can be easily fitted.

Powered tilt module

There powered tilt module (0° to 30°) with centre of gravity adjustment on the Salsa-R2 powered wheelchair helps to correct the users balance.

Full range of powered seating and special control options

Change your seating position with three different types of tilt modules – the powered or mechanical single pivot tilt option for a basic tilt, the powered tilt module with integrated centre of gravity adjustment and the lift and tilt combi module. The backrest can be optionally reclined with an actuator or a mechanical gas strut. Finally the full range of special controls or input devices can be added to the chair to find the best operating performance for the user.


Seat Width:        410mm - 510mm (41cm - 51cm)

Seat Depth:        410mm - 510mm (41cm - 51cm)

Backrest Height:               457mm - 508mm (25mm increments) - (45.7cm - 50.8cm in 2.5cm increments)

Armrest Height:                230mm - 305mm (23cm - 30.5cm)

Overall Width:   600mm (12.5" wheels); 620mm (14" wheels) / 60cm (12.5" wheels); 62cm (14" wheels)

Overall Length: 1100mm - 1140mm (70° hanger) / 110cm - 114cm (70° hanger)

Speed:  6 kph and 10 kph

Battery Size:       60 and 70 Ah

Max. Range:       30 km (35 km with 70 Ah)

Seat Tilt:               0° - 30°

Back Recline:      -4° - 16°

Turning Diameter:           Max. 1200mm (Max. 120cm)

Max Kerb Climb:               100mm (with kerb climber) / 10cm (with kerb climber)

Max. User Weight:          140 kg (22 stone)

Colours:               3 colours - red, blue and white

Top Speed: 6mph
Weight Capacity: 140kg
Overall Length: 1100mm
Colour: Red, Blue, White
Overall Width: 1140mm
Maximum Range (miles): 32km