At Millercare, we offer a wide and dignified choice of clothing, footwear, and dress accessories. We also:

  • Promote the Sandpiper Footwear comfort range with extra wide fittings for those swollen or sensitive problem feet, which include Mens and Ladies Shoes, Sandals, Slippers, and House shoes.
  • Offer dressing accessories which include Button hooks, Dressing sticks, and Hip protection.
  • Offer Foot protection, Sock and Tights aids, Diabetic socks, Wide top knee high stockings, and Wheelchair gloves.
For our full range, click through below and browse our products. You can also view our range at any of our stores throughout the UK. To find your nearest Millercare branch, you can enter your postcode into our branch locator page and we will show you where your nearest branch to you is. 

If you are looking for cushions or pillows, we offer a wide range of sizes and firmness to suit your specific needs. We also offer ring cushions as well as posture pillows to help you sit up in bed and aid your posture in the process. In our pillow section, we also offer comfortable inserts for wheelchairs to boot and support you. For more information and to view our range, click above for more information. 

Our dressing aids include items such as the stocking aid, which can help the user pull up stockings and socks without having to bend over or get themselves into awkward positions. We also offer a range of other items such button loops and shoehorns. 

If you are after protectors here at Millercare, we can offer you a range of hip protectors in a variety of sizes, as well as electric foot warmers for the coming winter months. 

To view our range in store, simply visit your local Millercare store and take a view of our products. A member of staff will be able to help you find the perfect items for you.