Easy to use and clean bottom wipers

If you struggle with accessing your bathroom, or perhaps you struggle to wipe yourself after using the bathroom, we have a range of products that may be perfect for you. We understand that this issue is a delicate subject, and our customer service members are discreet and understanding when discussing your needs in relation to this matter. If you would like to discuss your needs with a member of staff, why not visit your local Millercare branch? We will offer advice on which items best suit your specific needs.

Our range of toileting products are perfect if you need support when accessing your bathroom. For example, if you struggle sitting down on the toilet, or have clients who would benefit from unaided support whilst accessing the toilet, we offer adjustable toilet frames, which require no installation. Simply place the frame around the seat and it is ready to use immediately. 

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Designed for easy use and grip, our Homecraft bottom wiper is great for accessibility and can easily be cleaned. Alternatively, we stock the Buckingham Easy Wipe bum wiper. This new and innovative design is great for those who cannot reach properly when on the toilet. It's perfect for assisting, can be cleaned easily, and is uncomplicated in design. Once you have wiped you can simply release the mechanism, meaning you do not need to touch the toilet paper after use. This product is also latex-free and easy to clean. 

Our other toilet accessories and aids include raised toilet seats, which are perfect for padding and comfort when going to the toilet. They attach with hook and loop straps, and they also raise the height of the toilet, making it more accessible for users. The majority of our raised toilet seats are also made of white vinyl, making them easy to clean. 

Commodes are also great for customers who cannot reach the toilet. For example, your toilet may be upstairs, and you need something readily available. Our bedroom commode is a perfect example of discreet design and practicability. The seat is vinyl covered, making it very easy to clean and super comfortable. This product also comes with a removable pan, furthering access to cleaning. 

Here at Millercare, we also offer a range of urinals and other toilet accessories, which are designed with the customer in mind. They're great if you struggle with incontinence or other medical issues which require you to need to bathroom immediately.

For more bum wiper products, browse above or ask a member of staff at your local Millercare branch for more information on our range of products.