Bedroom Mobility Aids

Give your day the best start and end with our range of bed aids that ensure you’re comfortable when getting in and out of bed.

This range of products is designed to make everyday activities more comfortable, whether you’re tucking yourself in for a night’s rest or sitting in bed and catching up on your favourite soaps.

There are mattresses, bed risers, pressure mats and seat assists all available in this section and every product will all help to make the bedroom a more comfortable place for elderly and disabled people.

Millercare has a variety of products to ensure that you’re secure and safe when you’re carrying out tasks that we all have to do every day. 

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For those that struggle with mobility, climbing in and out of bed can be a daily challenge, but these bed aids are all designed to give ease of mind and the body, making everyday activities more comfortable.

Simple additions like the Homecraft bed rope ladder can make all the difference for someone who struggles to get out of bed. Simply tie the ends of the cords around the bed legs and the plastic ladder rungs can be gripped by the user to pull themselves up in bed. Or a pack of bed risers could help those who find that their bed is too low for them to get in and out of, just small changes like this can make all the difference.

Or offer more support and comfort to those whilst sitting or sleeping in bed with the Harley Bed Relaxer. This can be used in two ways, either upright to allow for easy reading and for those who find it uncomfortable to sleep lying flat, maybe down to a hiatus hernia or respiratory conditions. Simply turn it around and place the relaxer under a normal pillow for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Another comfortable pillow is the Harley Batwing design, which offers supreme comfort and stability. It’s specially shaped into three section to hold you properly, the lumbar section gently supports your back, and the side sections offer incredible lateral support. This pillow is perfect to be used both in bed and in your favourite chair too.

If help is needed to get out of chairs, then one of our lifting cushions could be the answer. They help to transform any chair into an automatic lifting chair. With a memory foam cushion that conforms to the shape of the user, you have no need to worry that this won’t be comfortable enough to sit on. 

Millercare offers a wide range of professional and high-quality beds and mattresses that help with ease of sitting and make climbing in out of bed less difficult. These adjustable beds ensure that comfort is at the forefront, guaranteeing quality sleep. To find out more information on these products make an inquiry and we’ll have one of our experts get in touch as soon as possible.

Shop the range of bed aids now on Millercare and give some a little more comfort security and ease whilst they rest in bed or get in and out of it.