Below are some of the biggest awareness days in May, along with any information you may need in regards to raising awareness for them and what you can do to help.

1st - 31st May: Stroke Awareness

May is the month of Stroke Awareness. Every May, the aim of Stroke Awareness is to “Make May Purple”. This is done to show support for those who have suffered from a stroke. You can join the cause by using #MakeMayPurple on social media, wearing purple, or simply by making an online donation.  You can also start fundraising with your friends. By signing up for Make May Purple, you’ll also be sent a fundraising pack to help with any efforts you make towards raising money for the support services of those affected by strokes.

14th - 21st May: Arthritis Care Awareness Week

As one of the biggest UK voluntary organisations, Arthritis Care was founded in 1947 and is committed to supporting those with arthritis. This awareness week was created in order to raise awareness about arthritis, help support those with the condition, and helps to educate people on the symptoms and causes surrounded by Arthritis. There are many ways you can get involved in Arthritis Care Awareness Week, from raising money to volunteering. You can also sign up to campaign with the organisation, a full list of those you can sign up to are available on their website.

20st - 26th: Dementia Action Week

In a bid to unite communities and take action to improve life with dementia, the Alzheimer’s Society tries to inspire others to understand the disease, recognise the signs and help educate others in the same.

May 30th: Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Day

Organised by the MS International Federation, MS day was created to raise awareness for the condition. This year, the theme is #MyInvisibleMS, which aims to raise awareness for the invisible symptoms of the condition, such as fatigue, vision problems, and problems with learning and planning.

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