Powerchairs & Electric Wheelchairs

Powerchairs, also referred to as powered wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs or self-propelled wheelchairs, are personal vehicles designed equally for both indoor and outdoor use. As part of our aim to stock the greatest possible range and diversity of powerchairs, Millercare have ensured we stock a large range from multiple suppliers, and provide an unmatched range of styles, customisation options, modifications and capabilities.

Leading Brands in Powerchairs

We take great pride in the options we provide to our customers, and a large part of that is that our stock is provided only by the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Pride, Invacare, Sunrise, Medical, Electric Mobility and Handicare.

Our powerchairs are intended to provide the full advantages of cutting-edge, newly-available technology and time-honoured, reliable staples to our customers. As such, we supply electric wheelchairs with fully-modifiable power options, including powered tilt capabilities, powered seat lift and height adjustment, and machine-activated recline options. The seats themselves can be fully customised to provide a diverse choice of seating options to ensure maximum comfort, health and ease of use, and can even be modified to include posture controls and adjustment technology.

Versitile Powerchair Models

Our range of powerchairs also includes a wide range of options that can be transported by car, through to rugged models optimised for outdoor use and those with high-performance batteries that are capable of going through long periods between charges, allowing even greater freedom of mobility to the owner. We stock front-wheel drive, traditional rear-wheel drive and newly-developed mid-wheel drive chairs that maintain a sturdy centre of gravity using casters in front of and behind the central drive wheels for a smoother, more manoeuvrable ride.

Powerchairs are like no other machine or aid available. They provide independence and mobility in the home, are comfortable to sit in for long periods and boast substantial battery range and tough construction for outdoor use. Whatever your individual needs, from a small, manoeuvrable chair that can fit in your car to a rugged machine able to tackle the great outdoors, Millercare’s team of highly-trained advisors will help tailor the choice of chair to your exact specifications.